Call for Alt-HCI Participation

Does your work push the bounds of HCI?  Do you find mentioning it amongst your colleagues’ sparks endless debate?  Are you working with a group of users that are in some way extreme or exploring conceptions of technology that do not fit or standard models?  Do you have a weird finding or observation you would like to share, but that does not seem to fit into traditional ways of talking about HCI?  Are you simply revisiting and area that was once mainstream and is now out of fashion, or dismissed?  Or reproducing an old result and finding it not quite as expected?

Perhaps you are investigating methods for inducing negative user experience, or for not getting things done (or is that Facebook?). Maybe you would like to argue for the importance of Taylorism within HCI, or explore user interfaces for the neonate.
We are looking for papers and topics that make us think again about HCI, that spark discussion, that would get highly divergent grades in standard review process.

Human–Computer Interaction is a broad discipline, and the British HCI conference has always been more accepting of the range of this than some venues.  However, we still need to be challenged, to see new things, or see the old in new ways.

This is the place to do it!

Review and Submission Process

* Submissions should not be anonymised *

We will be adopting a largely open review process, where we will invite discussion and comment on submitted papers, and the vibrancy of this discussion will be a major criterion in acceptance.  Authors will be strongly encouraged to enter into that discussion with other papers, maybe find threads between the work even during this phase.

In addition we are looking for quality.  The results that you find might be challenging, the area you address might be uncomfortable, the methods you use might be unusual, but do present your arguments and reasons clearly even of their conclusions are controversial.

However, do feel free to experiment with format and genre (within the bounds of the publication guidelines!): dialogue, snippets of poetry, cartoons.  Whatever carries the message and stimulates thought.

Submit your papers using the Easychair system:

Papers should be written using the EWics format available on the conference website:

Important dates:

Deadline for Submissions:

Friday 14th June 2013
Notification of acceptance: Friday 26th July 2013

The conference organisers will make arrangements for the facilities, coffee breaks and registration for all workshops. Workshop organisers will be responsible for distributing the call for papers, organizing the papers’ review and selection process and preparing the final workshop program.

Please send any questions to the BCS HCI 2013 Alt-HCI chairs:
• David Benyon, School of Computing, Edinburgh Napier University (
• Alan Dix, HCI Centre, School of Computer Science (