Provisional Programme

Monday 9th September 2013

Registration and coffee (8.30am-9am) Main Reception Area Hamilton Centre
Full Day workshops (9am-5.30pm):

Cavendish Room
Human Aspects in Mobile Applications Engineering

Darwin Room
Interacting with digital media in connected environments

Mead Room
Habits in Human-Computer Interaction (location: Mead Room):


Half-day workshop (1pm-5.30pm):

Newton Room
From Research to Design: Challenges of Qualitative Data Representation and Interpretation in HCI

Tuesday 10th September 2013

Registration and coffee (8.30am-9am) Main Reception Area Hamilton Centre
Full Day Workshops and Doctoral Consortium (9am-5.30pm):

Darwin Room
The International Workshop on Ubiquitous and Collaborative Computing (iUBICOM 13): “Intelligent Information Modelling and Retrieval”

Cavendish Room
HCI Educators 2013: Contexts and Challenges (location: Cavendish Room)

Mead Room
Doctoral Consortium  

Wednesday 11th September 2013

Registration and coffee  (9am-9.30am) Main Reception Area Hamilton Centre

Newton Room
Welcome (9.30am)

Andrew Ward (Director of Corporate Relations)
Martin Shepperd (Head of Department of Information Systems and Computing)

Keynote : Brad Myers (9.45am-10.30am)


Coffee Break (10.30am-11am) (location: Newton South Room)

Darwin Room

Chair: Arthur Money

From Cradle to Grave Part 1 (11am-12.30pm):
Being Cool – Exploring Interaction Design for Teenagers
Janet Read, Matthew Horton, Daniel Fitton, Linda Little, Russell Beale and Nicola Toth

Exploring Tilt-Based Text Input For Mobile Devices with Teenagers
Daniel Fitton, I. Scott MacKenzie, Janet Read and Matthew Horton

Design recommendations for the development of a Digital Storytelling Mobile Application.
Elisa Rubegni, Luca Colombo and Monica Landoni

Investigating the Extent to Which Children Use Mobile Phone Application Stores
Brendan Cassidy, Claire Haywood and Gavin Sim

Investigating the Fidelity Effect when Evaluating Game Prototypes with Children
Gavin Sim and Brendan Cassidy


Newton Room

Chair: Alessio Malizia

Visual Displays (11am-12.30pm):
WidgetLens: A System for Adaptive Content Magnification of Widgets
Bhavna Agarwal and Wolfgang Stuerzlinger.

Visual Guides for Comprehending Digital Ink in Distortion Lenses
Paul Schmieder, Beryl Plimmer, John Hosking and Andrew Luxton-Reilly

Exploring Movies through Interactive Visualizations
Ana Jorge and Teresa Chambel

Mind the Gap’: Evaluating User Physiological Response for Multi-Genre Video Summarisation
Arthur Money and Harry Agius


Lunch (12.30pm-2pm) (location: Newton South Room)


Darwin Room

Chair: Dan Fitton

From Cradle to Grave Part 2 (2pm-3.30pm):
The Development of a sensor-based System for older People: A Case Study
Jean D. Hallewell Haslwanter and Geraldine Fitzpatrick


Dynamic Multimodal Reminders for Home Care Systems
David Warnock, Marilyn McGee-Lennon and Stephen Brewster

Examining the Use of Thematic Analysis as a Tool for Informing Design of New Family Communication Technologies
Nela Brown and Tony Stockman

“We were all the same age once” – Experiences of Intergenerational App Design
Julie Doyle, Antonella Sassu and Teresa McDonagh


Newton Room

Chair: Linda Little

Mobile, Maps and Navigation (2pm-3.30pm):
Less is More: Classifying Mobile Interactions to Support Context Sensing in Journeys
Claudia Krehl, Sarah Sharples and Martin Flintham

Location as Interaction: Exploring Blended Spaces in the Global Village
Stephen Mokey, Alexander Nalbandian and Brian O'Keefe

Comparison of Off-screen Visualization Techniques with Representation of Relevance on Mobile Devices
Tiago Gonçalves, Ana Paula Afonso, Maria Beatriz Carmo and Paulo Pombinho

Georeferencing in the Field Using Constellations of Similar You-Are-Here Maps
Andrew Molineux and Keith Cheverst

Mead Room

Panel Session 1(2pm-3pm)


Coffee and Tea break (3.30pm-4pm) (location: Newton South Room)

Michael Sterling Atrium

Interactive Demo session (6pm-7.30pm)

Poster session (6pm-7.30pm)

Thursday 12th September 2013

Registration and coffee (9am-9.30am) Main Reception Area Hamilton Centre

Darwin Room

Chair: Dave England

HCI in the workplace (9.30am-10.30am):
Putting the Lab in the Lab Book: Supporting Coordination in Large, Multi-site Research
Francois Roubert and Mark Perry

How to Manage Your Inbox: Is a Once a Day Strategy Best?
Adam Bradley, Duncan Brumby, Anna Cox and Jon Bird
How bad are tablets for your posture at work? Exploring the impact of touch-screen tablets on office workers
Katarzyna Stawarz and Rachel Benedyk
Mead  Room
Panel 2 (9.30am-10.30am):


Coffee and Tea Break (10.30am-11am) ( location: Newton South Room)

Darwin Room

Chair: Gavin Sim

Design Methods 1 (11am-12.30pm):
Towards a Tool for Design Ideation: Insights from Use of SketchStorm
Siân Lindley, Xiang Cao, John Helmes, Richard Morris and Sam Meek

Visual Walkthrough as a Tool for Utility Assessment in a Usability Test
Kristiina Juurmaa, Janne Pitkänen, Sirpa Riihiaho, Tuukka Kantola and Jani Mäkelä
A user-centred approach to inform the design of a mobile application for STI diagnosis and management.
Voula Gkatzidou, Kate Hone, Jo Gibbs, Lorna Sutcliffe, Syed Tariq Sadiq, Pam Sonnenberg and Claudia Estcourt
Are users more diverse than designs? Testing and extending a 25 years old claim.
Martin Schmettow and Jop Havinga
Should cool be a design goal?
Benjamin Richard Cowan, Katerina Avramides and Russell Beale.

Newton Room
Chair: Ben Cowan
Social Media (11am-.12.30pm):
A Look at Unsociability on  Facebook
Marisela Gutierrez Lopez and Saila Ovaska

Crafting for Major Life Events: Implications for Technology Design and Use
Michael Massimi and Daniela Rosner
CoStream: Co-construction of Shared Experiences through Mobile Live Video Sharing
Niloo Dezfuli, Jochen Huber, Elizabeth Churchill and Max Mühlhäuser
What Are You Complaining About?: A Study of Online Reviews of Mobile Applications
Claudia Iacob, Varsha Veerappa and Rachel Harrison

Mead Room
Chair: Arthur Money
Sustainability and the Internet of Things (11am-12.30pm):
Exploring a Hybrid Control Approach to Enhance the User Experience of Interactive Lighting * Best Full Paper*
Serge Offermans, Harm Van Essen and Berry Eggen

Encouraging Sustainable Fashion with a Playful Recycling System
Lilian Bosch and Marije Kanis

CarbonCulture at DECC: Digital Engagement for Sustainability at Work *Best Short Paper*
Dan Lockton, Rebecca Cain, David Harrison and Luke Nicholson

End-user construction mechanisms for the Internet of Things
Andrea Alessandrini

Distributing Web Components in a Display Ecosystem Using Proxywork
Pedro González Villanueva, Ricardo Tesoriero and Jose A. Gallud

Lunch (12.30pm-1.30pm) (location: Newton South Room)

Darwin Room
Chair: Mark Perry
Innovative interaction styles (1.30pm-3.30pm):
Investigating the Affective Impression of Tactile Feedback on Mobile Devices
Julia Seebode, Robert Schleicher, Ina Wechsung and Sebastian Möller


CUBOD: A Customized Body Gesture Design Tool for End Users
Jeff K.T. Tang and Takeo Igarashi

A Novel Gesture-based CAPTCHA Design for Smart Devices
Nan Jiang

Under the Table: Tap Authentication for Smartphones
Diogo Marques, Tiago Guerreiro, Luis Duarte and Luis Carriço

Motor Expressions as Creativity Support: Exploring the Potential for Physical Interaction
Alwin de Rooij and Sara Jones

Display Pointing – A Qualitative Study on a Recent Screen Pairing Technique for Smartphones
Matthias Baldauf, Markus Salo, Stefan Suette and Peter Fröhlich


Newton Room

Chair: Tom McEwan

Design methods 2 (1.30pm-3.30pm):
Predictive Modelling for HCI Problems in Novice Program Editors
Fraser McKay and Michael Kölling

Developing Intuitive User Interfaces by Integrating Users’ Mental Models into Requirements Engineering
Diana Löffler, Anne Heß, Andreas Maier, Jörn Hurtienne and Hartmut Schmitt

A protocol study of novice interaction design behaviour in Botswana: solution-driven interaction design
Helen Sharp, Nicole Lotz, Richard Blyth, Mark Woodroffe, Dino Rajah and Ranganai Turugare

Is Usability Evaluation Important: The Perspective of Novice Software Developers
Fulvio Lizano, Maria Marta Sandoval, Anders Bruun and Jan Stage

Mead Room
Chair: Dan Fitton
Accessibility (1.30pm-3.30pm)
Cross-Modal Collaborative Information Seeking (CCIS): An Exploratory Study
Dena Al-Thani, Tony Stockman and Anastasios Tombros

Designing a Mobile Assistive Application with and for Older Adults with AMD: A Case Study
Lilit Hakobyan, Jo Lumsden and Dympna O'Sullivan

Towards Ubiquitous Awareness Tools for Blind People
Ivo Rafael, Luís Duarte, Luis Carriço and Tiago Guerreiro

An Exploratory Study into the Accessibility of a Multi-User Virtual World for Young People with Aphasia
Julia Galliers and Stephanie Wilson

Coffee and Tea break (3.30pm-4pm) (location: Newton Room South)

Newton Room
Industry Panel (4pm-5pm)

Title: From Lab to Live System: Increasing the Impact of Academic Research in Industry


Patrick Jordan, Consultant, author and visiting professor

Robert Graham, Head of Experience Design and Usability at O2

Vanessa Donnelly, Head of User Experience at blinkbox books

Darwin Room
Chair: David Benyon

Alt HCI (4pm-5pm):
Tradeoffs in Design Research: Development Oriented Triangulation
Koen van Turnhout, Sabine Craenmehr, Robert Holwerda, Mike Menijn, Jan-Pieter Zwart and René Bakker

A Category Theory Approach to HCI
David England

Exploring the Internet of Things: an Interdisciplinary Workshop Approach
Sarah Eagle and Peter Bennett
Sharing and Human-Computer Interaction
John Harvey, David Golightly and Andrew Smith


Friday 13th September 2013

Registration and coffee (9am-9.30pm) Main Reception Area Hamilton Centre

Darwin Room

Chair: Willem-Paul Brinkman

Data set exploration (10am-11am):
Assessing and Improving 3D Rotation Transi-tion in Dense Visualizations
Maxime Cordeil, Christophe Hurter, Stéphane Conversy and Mickaël Causse

Interacting with Trajectory Data
Tiago Gonçalves, Ana Paula Afonso, Bruno Martins and Daniel Gonçalves. ST-TrajVis
ESSAVis: A 2Dplus3D Visual Platform for Speeding Up the Maintenance Process of Embedded Systems
Ragaad Altarawneh, Jens Bauer, Patric Keller and Achim Ebert
Mead Room
Chair: Steve Love
HCI and education (10am-11am)
Recommending additional study materials: Binary ratings vis-à-vis five-star ratings
Juha Leino

Cognitive Styles in HCI Education and Practice
Ann Austin and José Abdelnour-Nocera

"Apps that make things, not apps that do things": appropriation and assistive learning technologies.
Lorna McKnight

Coffee and Tea break (11am-11.30am) (location: Newton South Room)


Newton Room
Keynote: David Benyon (11.30am)
Concluding remarks and Handover to the University of Central Lancashire for British HCI 2014 (12.15pm 12.30pm close)